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10 things you should have in your travel bag!


10 things you should have in your travel bag!

When you are traveling you are always carrying your purse τσάντες γυναικείες– or bag, right? But has it ever occurred to you not to have your essential items with you when you need them? It is the worst feeling ever because you are not able to find them anywhere if you are on the road.

This is why we decided to prepare a list of the 10 things you should have in travel bag. This way you will not miss or forget your essential things at home when you are traveling! Keep reading to find out more about what you should carry in your travel purse!

What kind of bag should you use?

When you are out and traveling you need to have a bag that is of the right size and material. The first thing you need is for it to be comfortable and have pockets and compartments. This way you will be able to fit lots of things in it and organize them correctly.

Having a bigger bag will of course fit more things, making your trip more comfortable and it will be ideal for a trip with the bus, car or the train. You always have to bear in mind the means of transport and choose your bag accordingly.

1. Tissues

There is no worse thing than sneezing and not having tissues with you! Or spilling your coffee or getting your hands dirty! If you keep a pack of tissues in your purse this will be no issue. They are very small and will not take up space even in the smallest travel bag!

2. Snacks

Who does not crave for a snack when on the road? But you know it is late when you are already on the road and you are out of snacks! Our advice is to make a list of your family’s favorite snacks and drinks and bring them along with you. If you are roadtriping with a car then you do not have to have them in your bag,

Furthermore, traveling by bus, train or plane leaves your bag with fewer space but there is always place for a snack or two!

3. Makeup bag

For all the girls out there who want to travel for the weekend, they cannot forget their makeup bag. Even those who will not put a lot of makeup on, they need a sunscreen, a moisturizing cream, their contact lens solution, etc. Keep all of these random things in a small bag to avoid accidents in your purse!

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4. Medication

The most important things on this list is the medication. You must not leave your house without it, especially if you are on a prescribed medication treatment. If your bottles are way too bulky and big you can get smaller pill containers and have them always in your travel purse.

Get different color containers for each family member so that you will not mix them up! In this case do not forget to refill and check their expiration dates!

5. Power bank

In order for you to be able to use your phone during your trio, you need a power bank or a portable charger. This way you will be able to enjoy your movies and music without your phone dying when you need it the most!

This is also a safety measure because you do not want to be out of battery in the middle of nowhere because if your car breaks down or if you are in an emergence situation you won’t be able to contact someone.

6. Headphones

Add a pair of headphones or small earbuds in your bag and you will thank us later! This comes in handy when you are traveling with public transport and the people around you are being noisy. It helps you sleep, read your books and even watch a movie in peace!

7. Sunglasses

In the summertime and during the whole year round you should bring your sunnies to a trip! You do not want the bright sun getting in your eyes!

8. Extra clothes

If you happen to carry a larger travel bag such as a backpack or a tote bag then you are able to carry an extra change of clothes. This can be quite useful for roadtrips of one or two days because you can carry an extra shirt or your jacket in your bag.

Your hands are going to be free and when you get cold you can just take it out of your bag. This is quite necessary when you have kids because they always need a change of clothes when you are on the go!

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9. Water

A bottle of water is a must-have not only for your travel purse but your regular purse as well. Get a reusable water bottle and fill it up at your office, at a cafe or your hotel. You are saving the environment while being greatly organized!

10. Personal documents

Your ID, passport and other important documents need to be in your bag and not in your suitcase. Many people tend to forget about it and keep searching for the papers while they arrive at the airport. Keep them in an envelop or in a cute case and you will never forget them at home again!


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