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8 advices for proper disinfection of your home

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This period favors the viruses and germs that enter the house can only make the situation worse. So, it is important to rid our home of as many germs as we can! Because as important as it is to wash our hands to get rid of germs, it is just as important that all surfaces in the house are equally clean. Here we have 8 advices for proper disinfection of your home. For professional disinfection, you can call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.


1. Remember to clean first and then disinfect

Cleaning refers to the removal of germs from surfaces. Disinfection refers to the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Both can reduce the risk of spreading the infection, but you must first clean and disinfect afterwards.

Start disinfection:

Good old soap and water are ideal for removing dirt from surfaces, but that does not mean that viruses do not survive. Try disinfectants that promise to eliminate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria.


2. Ventilate regularly and properly

Among all the other benefits for our health, regular indoor ventilation with fresh air is one of the main ways (along with frequent hand washing, mask use and keeping distance) that experts recommend for our protection against Covid-19 and viruses in general.

As winter approaches and we stay home longer, it is good to refresh the air regularly but in a rational way so as not to waste energy. We prefer to ventilate the rooms for a short period of time (eg for five minutes) several times a day, especially during the sunny hours, opening more windows to create a stream of air that will refresh the atmosphere without freezing the house.


3. Pay attention to the points where most germs gather

Germs prefer spots and objects on which many hands pass. Remote controls, telephones, knobs, switches, towels and taps become a source of germs and must be cleaned and disinfected.

daily. On sensitive surfaces, such as remote controls, treat them with disinfectant wipes while immediately wiping stains from carpets and surfaces to prevent bacteria from growing.


4. Get rid of bacteria in bed

We spend at least 6 to 8 hours in bed every night. House dust mites are the number one indoor allergen. Sheets, bedding, pillows, pillowcases, mattress, blankets, quilt and duvet covers! These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get rid of clutter and bacteria.

Be sure to wash all covers at high temperatures and iron them while items such as mattresses or pillows that are not washable are worth spraying [which kills mites.


5. Beware of garbage

Make sure you empty out the trash and junk frequently at home while disposing of used paper towels. At the same time, do not forget simple hygiene rules at home such as taking off your shoes before entering the house or changing the towel for the face or hands often or even washing our hands often and using antiseptic solution or antibacterial soap quite often.



6. What should we look out for in the bathroom?

The bathroom is the most obvious part of the house that needs good, hygienic cleaning. Proper cleanliness in the bathroom has to do almost exclusively with the hygiene of the toilet bowl.

You may think of the basin, but in the end the washing machine is one of the dirtiest items in the house because of the humidity in which they find suitable soil to grow microorganisms, which are transferred from wash to wash. Wash with vinegar and clean with a dry cloth the washing machine hose where mold accumulates. Αποφράξεις Αθήνα can handle this situation if you don’t have the time for that.

As for the toilet lid, it is good to be closed so that small droplets with all kinds of germs are not carried through the air, especially in objects such as toothbrushes. Also, the towels have germs especially when they have come in contact with the skin folded fresh. Washable towels can be cleaned in the washing machine. One of our favorite tips is to change your towels at least every two days.


7. Limit dust in the area

Most of the house dust comes from people and fabrics, as traces of leather and small fibers of cloth fly into the house and deposit on the surfaces creating dust. Regular cleaning of furniture and fabrics helps to keep the atmosphere cleaner.


8. Change and wash bed linen at least once a week

Regularly clean the carpets with the vacuum cleaner or better ventilate them and “hit” them with the special racket on the balcony. Do the same for other heavy fabrics, sofa cushions or duvets that are not machine washable.

Germs are responsible for many diseases and infections and, although the nature of bacteria is complex (after all, some bacteria do us good!), There are many really easy ways to keep our home clean and in good hygiene. Hygienic housekeeping by following the right rules can keep germs away.


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