Sunday, 02 October, 2022

Best SEO-friendly website builders

An illustration showing how websites made with SEO-friendly website builders look.

Website builders are extremely popular today. Every business needs a website, but not everyone can afford it immediately. Paying someone to build you a website can cost a small fortune. Due to SEO’s increasing requirements and complexity, learning to build a website from scratch will require a lot of time and experience. It is a trial and error process, and you don’t have that luxury if you want to start a business. On another note, a website builder is relatively cheap, and you can have a website set up in a matter of minutes without knowing a single line of code. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best SEO-friendly website builders in use today.

What makes website builders so popular?

Before we see what the most popular website builders are, let’s talk about the value they provide for your business.

They are easy to use

The first word that comes to mind is simplicity. Website builders are easy to use. A lot of the features are based on the drag & drop system. With it, you can quickly build any layout you want.

Website builders make SEO easy to understand

Furthermore, all website builders come with full support for on-page SEO. Since the layouts you use are prewritten, you don’t have to worry about optimizing the backend code. All the lines of code are already optimized. You only need to add your keywords.


The admin panel and the dashboard provide full access to all essential SEO features. You can easily optimize your pages or your blog.

All built websites are mobile-friendly by default

Out of all SEO elements, mobile optimization is at the top. People use mobile phones more than computers, especially for browsing the internet. According to SEO experts at, optimizing your website for mobile is not a choice today. It is a requirement.


Website builders already have you covered for that. All website layouts are by default mobile-friendly. All you need to do is pick the layout you want, play with moving some elements on the page, and you are good to go.

Website builders come with an array of useful plugins

Plugins are the bread and butter of every website builder. One of the best features is activating a plugin with a few clicks and adding new functionality to your website.

The downside is that some plugins are broken, or they don’t integrate well with the theme of your website. Nevertheless, there are so many excellent and free plugins today that you can create virtually anything you can think of.

You have access to website analytics and reporting

Another great functionality of website builders is that they allow you to do various reports and analyses on your website. You can measure the performance and make changes when necessary. This is crucial if you wish to handle Google ranking drops without losing too many customers.

Easy file manager

Adding or removing resources from your website has never been this easy. Every website builder comes with a file manager you can use to upload resources to your website. This includes adding images, videos, and other important files.

As you can see, everything revolves around simplicity. These are just a few of the key features you need to know of.

What are the best SEO-friendly website builders?

Now that you know why you should use a website builder for your business, let’s see what platform to choose. There are many at your disposal.


WordPress is the website builder that started it all. It is one of the most popular CMS platforms today. Almost 460 million websites are built on WordPress. If you wish to run a blog, this is by far the best choice you can pick. Furthermore, many favor WordPress over others due to its SEO support and extensive plugin and widget database.

A screenshot showing the New Posts page in the admin section of WordPress.
WordPress is the most popular website building platform today and the best choice for a blog website.

Another powerful feature of WordPress is its custom themes. You can quickly change the layout of your website, play with the elements on the page, and rearrange things as you see fit.


WIX was one of the first platforms that started competing with WordPress for the title of the best website builder. The company worked hard and managed to punch its way through the increasing competition. One of the reasons people choose WIX is the fast-loading speed of websites. Furthermore, all WIX websites come with SSL encryption.


You can also easily link your WIX website with Google Analytics. This is a crucial step if you are in the process of rebranding. The SEO features of WIX websites make rebranding without losing SEO value possible.


Squarespace is the go-to website building platform for anyone who wants to create a design-centric website. The aesthetics of Squarespace websites are simply breathtaking. However, there is more to it than what is shown on the surface.

With Squarespace, you get a massive set of SEO tools. All of your pages have their configuration box, where you can set up and tweak SEO how you see fit. Advanced users can also add code snippets to get the most out of it.

Furthermore, the builder automatically adds the XML site map. And, it also comes with an SSL certificate.


The last item on our list is Weebly, a powerful website builder that focuses on simplifying SEO. A bunch of SEO functionalities is already built-in into the system.

Just like WordPress, Weebly also comes with a lot of customizable themes. And, the pages are built without any complex scripts or lines of code, so the loading speed is greatly improved.

Take your time when choosing a website builder

All of these SEO-friendly website builders have their advantages. However, you should do a test before choosing the one you will use for your website. If you have a URL, try setting up your website on various platforms. Change things and experiment. It is worth the time spent, even if it costs a bit more. You need to experiment with different functionalities and discover a platform that is the easiest one to use for you. Best of luck in building your website!