Thursday, 02 June, 2022

Common SEO mistakes small businesses make

An illustration including a Google logo and SEO, symbolizing common SEO mistakes small businesses make.

Doing SEO is a lengthy process but an essential one. All small businesses need to focus on making SEO better. It is a free strategy that will drive traffic to your website and help advertise the business. However, there are a lot of common SEO mistakes small businesses make. Today we want to shine some light on this topic and help you understand how to avoid these mistakes and help your business.


Not choosing an SEO-friendly website builder

Even though you can build a website on any platform, it is best to choose an SEO-friendly website builder. Not using this valuable resource will be a huge mistake.

Website builders like WordPress or WIX do more than 80% of the basic SEO setup. Furthermore, they are constantly updated, making it easier to follow the latest SEO trends.


Your website won’t get to the first page of the browser overnight

Unless you decide to buy traffic, SEO will take some time to start doing its magic. Positive results do not come overnight, and expecting this to happen would be a mistake.

Google needs to “judge” your website over time, analyze visits, content, keywords, and other SEO requirements, and make a final decision.

The quickest way to achieve this result is to work on the positive reputation of your website. To do that, you need to:

  • create quality content;
  • provide information relevant to your niche;
  • constantly update SEO to reflect the latest algorithm changes;
  • work on link-building;
  • make an effort to integrate social media into your website;

Once you start being consistent with fulfilling all these requirements, you will notice a slow but steady change.


Do not use wrong keywords

Keywords analysis is the most critical part of SEO. If you don’t get this right, your SEO will not be satisfactory. One of the most common SEO mistakes small businesses make with keywords is being too vague. For example, if you are a hairdresser working in Boston, just using “hairdresser” as a keyword would be a swing and a miss. Instead, it would be best to create something like “24/7 hairdresser Boston“. It defines your business more clearly. You need to perfect your local SEO in order to rank well with the customers in your vicinity.

Furthermore, some of the leading companies in the SEO business say that the right amount of keywords also plays a crucial role. Per experts from Movers Development, keywords stuffing is a common mistake you should avoid. It will be treated as spam. Keywords need to be organic and natural.


Not understanding customer experience

A positive customer experience will drive your business. A negative one will break it. Once you start getting more traffic, you need to ask yourself one important question – Are my customers satisfied?

If you just work on acquiring customers without focusing on what happens after, you might lose them for good. While the role of SEO is to increase your visibility, it is not what will keep the customers on your website. Content must compliment SEO. If you create relevant content optimized for your niche, you are doing the right thing.

A customer placing a checkmark next to a neutral face emoji.
Know when your customers are not satisfied. Do not close your eyes to this situation!


A couple of things to take a look at are:

  • bounce rate: this is the number of visitors that leave your website after visiting the first page;
  • conversion rate: the percentage of visitors that take a specific action after seeing your website;
  • time on page: it measures how long each visitor stays on a page on your website;

These three factors will tell if something is wrong. Pay close attention to them, and make sure to understand the reason for a potential problem.


Understand why your ranking may drop

Ranking fluctuations are common with websites. Things change, and they affect your rating. A mistake would be not understanding why your Google ranking drops and what you can do to fix it.

A drop in your ranking may happen for multiple reasons. Maybe the algorithm changes. Or your competitors outperformed you. Also, you might be losing backlinks or having too many issues with the SEO.

Whatever the problem is, you need to be aware of it as soon as it happens.


Slow website speed is a huge problem

Try visiting your website from a couple of different devices. See if it runs fast on PC, tablet, and mobile. You need to do measuring loading speed after any change to the website.

This will affect your SEO rating, and it is also directly affecting customer satisfaction. Do not lose your rating and your clients because of this.

Common reasons for slow loading speed include too many scripts, poorly optimized code, large images, or simply issues with the hosting provider.


Be mindful of your budget

One of the most efficient advertising strategies for small businesses is to use PPC advertising. This is a paid form of advertising that includes paying for traffic. You purchase ads that will attract visitors to your website. One of the reasons business owners choose this strategy is because it takes effect as soon as you implement it. It can be a fantastic complimentary strategy to your organic SEO.

However, one of the common SEO mistakes many small business owners make is spending too much money on PPC advertising. You need to be smart and allocate your funds properly when it comes to your marketing budget. If you spend too much on PPC, and your profit is lower than expected, your business will lose money.

Do not fall victim to “easy advertising,” thinking that PPC will be the game-changer you have been looking for. As we said, it is an excellent booster to your organic SEO efforts, so treat it as such. It should never be your primary strategy.


Avoid these SEO mistakes small businesses make and help your business

Pay special attention to these common SEO mistakes small businesses make. They will seriously hinder the growth of your business. SEO requires time and effort. It is a long process and often tedious. However, it brings excellent results. Take your time and do it the right way with that in mind. Do not look for shortcuts because there aren’t any. Best of luck in making it work!