Thursday, 30 June, 2022

Iranian navy ship Konarak ‘sunk by friendly fire’ from frigate

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The incident took position close to the Strait of Hormuz

An Iranian navy “pleasant fireplace” incident in which a ship was sunk has killed dozens of sailors, unofficial stories say.

Neighborhood journalists claimed the frigate Jamaran was screening a new anti-ship missile which locked onto and strike Konarak, a logistical ship.

Semi-official Iranian information company Fars mentioned one sailor was killed and several other individuals wounded.

It described the incident on Sunday in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz as a “crash”.

In accordance to the unofficial experiences, Jamaran – operated by Iran’s Groundbreaking Guards Corps (IRGC) – fired the missile prematurely right before Konarak experienced time to sail away from a floating target it had towed to a designated place.

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Video clips posted on social media show wounded sailors being transferred to ambulances.

In January, the IRGC mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger airplane in close proximity to Tehran, killing all 176 persons on board, at a time of heightened pressure with the US.

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