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Is your door inviting burglars?


Is your door inviting burglars?

8 mistakes you’re making that are putting your home’s security at risk. The most important is not to have installed a security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας!

It will never happen to me” seems to be the thinking of most people, harboring the misconception that burglary is something that concerns others and not our own home.

But are we actually unwittingly inviting burglars when we let our little daily habits-mistakes turn our home into a target?

1. Turn off all lights at night

Burglars “hate” light. When total darkness prevails in your home during the night, suitable conditions are created so that someone can move freely, without being noticed.

Despite the latest research showing that intruders prefer daylight when homes are usually empty, the absence of lighting at night poses greater risks, given that you and your family are inside.

2. You don’t secure the garage door and windows

An unlocked garage generously provides a gateway for a thief to get out of your home.

Most tenants forget to secure the door that separates the house from the garage, which is why burglars very often try this access and “eye” the houses that keep this bad habit.

3. Have lots of pots and plants at entry points

We all love the feel of greenery in our garden, but overgrowth and dense pots favor the designs of burglars, providing cover and “hiding spots” until they find a vulnerable entry point inside your home.

By keeping vulnerable access points ‘clear’ and illuminating them with floodlights, you discourage burglars from entering your garden.

4. Leave tools on the porch or in the garden

Do you live in a detached house or on the ground floor with a garden?

Forgotten tools, ladders, etc. on the outside of your house make the life of burglars very easy, because they get their hands dirty trying to break in the doors or windows.

5. You take the trash out on the balcony and forget about it

How many times do you take out the trash on the balcony and forget to throw it away? If you get used to it and go away for the weekend at the same time, you are sending a clear message to burglars that you are away from home.

Also, you’d be surprised what someone can discover looking through your trash, so get into the habit of throwing it straight into the neighborhood bins.

6. You accidentally display valuables

If you’ve recently bought an expensive new TV or computer, don’t leave the packaging and boxes in plain sight outside your home, as they may attract the attention of burglars.

Keep your purchases away from prying eyes, making sure that your balcony does not witness what is happening inside your home.

7. Hide a lockpick outside the house

Since all of us can get locked out of our homes, you tend to hide a spare key in places that only you are supposed to know.

However, burglars often prove to be cunning and sophisticated enough to ‘guess‘ the hiding places (such as under the mat or in pots etc.) and enter through our door normally.

The ideal solution is to give the spare key to a trusted person, friend or neighbor.

8. Leave the curtains open

Forgetting to close the curtains is another daily habit that reveals what’s inside your home. Especially when you also leave the shutters open to make the house bright, anyone can watch your habits and know when you are away or how many people are in the house.

Even when there is an alarm system installed at home, there are many who continue to make daily mistakes and endanger the security of their private space, especially during the holiday season.

To protect your home effectively, regardless of whether you are away from the premises or not, install a security door and adopt the habit of always activating the premises alarm, educating the rest of your family in this essential practice for the security of your home.

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