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Protecting the bathroom from mold


Protecting the bathroom from mold

In the bathrooms, as experts claim – ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – there are tiny (2 to 8 mm) mold fungus spores everywhere and all the time. And at the moment they are completely harmless. But it is necessary to grow together with the two main “climatic” components – humidity above 80% and temperatures above 20 ° C.

The seeds germinate with the best textures (“legs”), which coexist and form mycelium (mycelium), able to penetrate deep into the structures. By the way, to start the process is enough if the “climate” changes not in the whole room, but in its small area. If the humidity is maintained at the same high level, the mold grows very quickly – it begins to build a colony after the colony and capture more and more new areas.

Insufficient ventilation of the room and the unimpeded sealing of the walls and floor also contribute to the spread of the fungus. As for the “food”, the mold does not suffer from a shortage – paper, wood, fabrics and plasterboard “in the teeth”. glue, paint, plaster, putty, silicone sealant. concrete and even metal.

The bathroom is a favourite place for mold

The bathroom is one of those rooms, whose “climatic” conditions favour the colonization of mold fungi. The humidity here, as they say, is high and its temperature often exceeds the normal room temperature. But the windows in the bathroom, by contrast, are very rare, so there is nothing to think about for full ventilation. As for the natural ventilation system, even after its completion it is impossible to exclude the formation of stagnant air zones.

The marks of mold in the bathroom are cement mortar, exfoliation of ceramic coating and paint, characteristic smell of mold and, of course, unattractive “growths” on the walls and ceiling. At the same time, the damage inside the destructive activity of the mold fungus is not limited.

Due to its instability, its controversies soon prove not only in the bathroom but in all other areas. (For reference: to get into the airway, they can cause the development of allergic diseases – rhinitis, bronchial asthma, etc …) Therefore, if the fungus still appears, you should get to work immediately. Without special means (biocidal preparations) you can not get rid of them.

By handling only the brushes and scrapers, you will remove only the visible part of the fungal plaque and the “root system” – the branched mycelium – will remain intact. Thus, the mold will reappear.

Mold in the bathroom – how to fight!

The sequence of actions will be approximately as follows. First of all, all the residents of the apartment are relocated for the time needed to correct the problem. Next, evaluate the field of activity. Some contaminated materials, such as plaster, wallpaper, paint, drywall, are discarded. They can not be restored. In addition, it is best to secure and remove the finish not only from the damaged area but also from the adjacent ones, and perhaps

and from all the other walls (if finances allow). The fact is that the mold tends to grow inside the material or structure. Then the walls or ceiling are cleaned at the bases of the bearings. The remaining visible spots of the uterus are removed mechanically using a brush or scraper.

The result will be better if the surfaces to be treated dry naturally or with the help of a building dryer. The walls, roof and other structures to be “treated” are then treated with the selected biocidal composition. Keep in mind that you have to be very careful when taking certain protective measures: wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and a respirator.

There are now many medicines on the market that are designed to kill mold. But we advise you to use one of these products for which water works as a thinner. They are considered the least toxic.

The technology of treatment of the affected surface will vary depending on the selected drug. Some of them, for example, the ambulance against the ambulance and the Neomid 600, are also available as a concentrate and as a ready-made solution.

The concentrate is usually packaged in boxes with volumes from 1 to 20 l, and sometimes even in barrels with a capacity of 200 l. It is pre-diluted with water in a ratio recommended by the manufacturer and then applied with a large or swinging brush, smooth roller or spray gun.

The final form means that it is used immediately. To simplify the process, the manufacturer usually fills the container with the final form with a spray nozzle. This type of packaging (often 0.45-0.6 l) is very convenient if the area to be treated is small.

Then the work is suspended for a while, and here’s why. It takes time for drugs to work. Thus, a gentle combination of fungicide wash and antiseptic is required per day, and more aggressive due to the active ingredient “means from a comet mold” and “Neomid 600 mold shredders” – from minutes 15 before 2 hours .

Protection against mold

The next step is to remove the dry composition and possible mold residues with a large amount of water. After washing, the cleaned surfaces are dried again by any available method. And all – you can move on to the end.

Nevertheless, experts recommend not to rush and anticipate finishing projects by applying a precautionary compound, for example, the specialized reinforcing layer Dulux Stain block plus (AkzoNobel). It will prevent the appearance of old stains and will strengthen the surface. The compacted soil “Dali Hydrostop” (“Rogneda”) will also increase the waterproofing properties of the structures. Another tip is for finishing materials. Coating with high vapour permeability is preferred.

Therefore, from pasting the walls are easy to wash, but often bad breath vinyl wallpaper should be avoided. As for the colours, they must contain fungicidal additives.

Finally, at the last minute. All of the above measures will make sense if you do not eliminate the cause of the mold. After all, has anything awakened the controversy from sleep? It is possible for pipes to leak or be used as a material to build a retractable roof.

Or maybe the exhaust manifold is blocked or there is no air movement in the bathroom when the door is closed… Try to locate and correct the problem. And you will understand – the mold is secondary.


Here are some key pointers in moving forward. repair. Then, perhaps, the appearance of mold fungi can be prevented.

First, try to check the quality of the building materials.

Choose based on the reliability of the manufacturer and their seller. Remember that the storage of materials is not under the “open sky”, but in equipped, well-ventilated warehouses. Second, think about or even repeat the ventilation system . Even in a residential area, the wind must not stop.

What about the baths, whose microclimate is optimal for the growth of mold colonies. Third, take precautions. They are not very laborious and the financial investments will be minimal. The manipulations regarding the application of the composition, which prevents the appearance of the mold, are carried out before the application of the final coatings and do not take more than one day and half of the time is spent for the drying of the protective layer.

The best in use are ready-made preparations, which are prudently packaged in solid plastic bottles, equipped with spray nozzles. One or another selected composition is simply sprayed on the bases (walls, floor, ceiling) that have already been prepared for a final finish from a distance of 10-20.

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