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The Most Important Elements of a Blog Layout

Planning the best blog layout

The Most Important Elements of a Blog Layout

Before you can amaze the world with your blog content, you need to figure out what your blog will look like. To do this, let’s look at the most important elements of a blog layout.


Snippets section

When someone enters your blog and sees your front page, what should greet them are the snippets of your blog posts. However, you shouldn’t just show your posts’ featured images and titles. You should show the intro paragraph, as well. This makes it easier for readers to decide whether they are interested in the article and makes it more likely that you will catch and keep their attention. Knowing which types of content will boost your blog is excellent, but even that knowledge is useless if you can’t properly show off your blog posts and attract readers.


The header

The header can be considered the second most important feature of your blog. After all, it will constantly be shown at the top of every page. So, you want to make sure that you design it well! Make it interesting, featuring your blog logo, and decide if you wish to have a static picture or whether it should change depending on the page the reader is on. For example, you can have it transform into the featured image of the blog post they have opened.


A proper blog menu

Many blogs fail to include a proper menu and suffer for it. A menu allows your readers to navigate your blog more efficiently, and it should be located right under your header. It should have all the post categories so your readers can easily select what they wish to learn more about. For example, when running a baking blog, the menu can have buttons for ‘cookies,’ ‘cakes,’ etc. Now, keep in mind that blog categories and tags are different things, and pay attention to the structure of how you use them!


A search option

Again, lots of blogs suffer from having ignored this simple addition to the blog layout. Adding a search button at the end of your menu allows readers to have much more freedom in navigating your blog. Sure, this runs the risk of them failing to find something and losing interest. But it is much less frustrating for readers than clicking through dozens of pages and leaving your blog upset. If they can find something, they might come back to your blog in the future. If they have a terrible experience with your blog, they are much less likely to return.

Writing a blog post
You can use reader searches as inspiration for what to write next.


A good comments section

A good comments section should always be a part of your blog layout. It allows readers to interact and massively boosts their enjoyment. The best part is that a comments section is not even hard to add to your blog. Plenty of comment hosting services, such as Disqus, can be added to your blog cheaply. You do not need to worry about the programming and the complications of dealing with a comments section yourself! Besides, one of the common SEO mistakes small businesses make is ignoring the value of reviews and comments. They are a part of SEO, too, and can massively help your blog rank higher in Google Search Results.

Chatting in a comment section, one of the most important elements of a blog layout
Chatting in comments motivates readers to return to blogs, which is why a comment section is one of the most important elements of a blog layout.


A single sidebar section

A ‘sidebar’ is a section of your blog dedicated to providing links, featuring ads, or similar. Some blogs make the mistake of having more than one. This is bad because it crowds out the content and makes it challenging to navigate the blog. A single sidebar, typically on the right, produces much better results and integrates with your blog layout better. It is wise to feature links to your social media accounts here to make it easier for people to get notifications when you post something. The marketing experts from also recommend posting snippets of your blog posts on social media since this will massively increase your outreach.


Latest and most popular blog posts section

Another helpful addition to your blog layout is making a dedicated section for the latest and most popular blog posts. This makes it easier for people to find the next post they want to read and can even encourage them to read something they might typically not. After all, if they see a ‘popular’ post with an interesting title, they might feel tempted to check it out. Learning how to run a blog is at least partly about figuring out a way to divert people’s attention, and this is a very subtle and effective way to do it.

Read more spelled out in letter blocks
By directing them towards popular posts, you will be able to keep your readers on your blog longer.


A nicely placed ‘subscribe’ button

Of course, you want to keep your readers once you get them. To do this, you need them to subscribe to you to keep up with the latest blog posts. So, a ‘subscribe’ button is essential to your blog layout. The most important part to remember when placing your subscribe button is that it shouldn’t be obstructive or too pushy. If you plaster it on top of the page before people have even had a chance to read a single article, you will leave a wrong impression. It is best to place it under the text they’ve been reading and take advantage of their satisfaction with a well-written blog post.


Tastefully placed author bio

The final thing you need to add to your blog layout is an author bio. Now, this may not seem important if you plan to post your articles exclusively. However, as your blog grows, you might be able to attract guest bloggers. And they will, naturally, want to be given credit for their work. This is why you should dedicate a section right under a blog post, perhaps next to your subscribe button, to author bios.


Final advice

Now that you are familiar with the most important elements of a blog layout, you can start putting your blog together. Also, remember to find a reliable hosting service provider since guaranteed up times and server maintenance will significantly impact your blog.