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What do men want in sex to be happy?


What do men want in sex to be happy?

Yes, sex is that simple. Men want to eat in bed and in the kitchen until… squabble. So much so that they can’t move afterwards. Your grandmother (!) will surely have told you too! Read what Golden diamond escorts have to say to you to make him happy!

1. The very sexy lingerie

The string is common. He did his job (and still does) but it won’t surprise him. Prefer suspenders, or appear in front of him wearing only socks up to the boot. Win-win…

2. The roles

There is no man who does not want to play at least once the teacher and the student. Neither the doctor nor the patient. And because men are shy, take the initiative…

3. Take a lot of initiative

And we move on to the next. Ask you what you want to do. And in a more… authoritarian way. Ask yourself to make it oral. He will love the idea and the thought.

4. Give directions

Don’t think that a man is happy to do it all. He wants to know what you like. Don’t sit in the… mug. Tell him what you want to do. You’ll get him out of the embarrassment and get him up!

5. Shout!

We do not mean that the whole neighbourhood is listening to you, but it has reached a level of “slaughter me, but I like it”. Your voices and your sighs will automatically give him a great boost to his morale and confidence. Let that get you down too.

6. Try new things

Don’t be ashamed. Ask her to try anal sex, finish it on your face or mouth, have sex on the balcony. Men love these movements. It goes without saying that you do the most extreme ONLY when you want to, and not if the other one obliges you…

How to use your ass in sex to excite him even more!

Except for the obvious way…

Whether you are a fan of anal sex or not, you will surely notice that every man has a little obsession with this point. If you’re a fan of anal sex, then OK, you know how to use your ass even more.

If not, we have a few tricks for you…

Push them!

Men are visual types. So visual that if they see you caressing your back and squeezing them during sex, their mood automatically reaches… zenith!


Another thing men love to do on the backs of women. So instead of waiting for him, take the initiative and surprise the pleasant and sexy.

Open them!

This is kinky and if you do, your partner may lose control completely. Recommended in doggy style and the… view will excite him! Plus he won’t wait…

Try new sex postures

Try postures where your back will be in the foreground. At 4, reverse cowgirl or even sideways are the most appropriate…

With this attitude you will have an orgasm as well

Surely sex with your partner is different but what happens when you can’t get to an orgasm?

And if you think it’s a psychological issue (likely), then greece escorts are here to help with their advice.

According to this, call girls have discovered the attitude that will give you an orgasm. Or at least you’ll be more likely to succeed.

And they found out that it doesn’t exist! “Orgasm is a series of specific sequences. Both psychological and anatomical, “was the conclusion of the advice.

What is the conclusion to have an orgasm?

  • The size does not count: We are not talking about the penis, but the size of the clitoris, as it does not seem to play an important role in achieving orgasm.
  • Positions: The attitude you choose with your partner is very important. Especially those that bring the penis closer to the clitoris.
  • Point G: And here in our opinion is the most important discovery, as escorts found that every woman point G is different, in terms of… its location!

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