Current version .82(b)

"Thanks to Andreas my online presence is powered by an amazing piece of code which frankly is the most impressive and inspiring application I've used in many years."

— Christopher Hewitt (Dstrukt)

"Indxr cleaned up my life, lists and folders are
my saviour!"

— Mike Alderson (Man Vs Machine)

"When Andreas showed me Indxr at North Kingdom, I was amazed of the simplicity and how easy it was to customize the interface."

— Robert Lindström (Designchapel / North Kingdom)

"I'm using Indxr to showcase my work and to share work-in-progress with clients. It's a suprb tool that let's me update and manage files with very little effort. Brilliant work as always from mr Pihlström!"

— Marcus Eriksson (Subdisc)

"Indxr gets you online fast and with a clean presence, all for free!"

— Michael Young (YWFT / Designgraphik)

"Indxr is superb. I'm addicted to it."

— David Rondel Cambou (Hellohikimori)